PST Roppongi

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  • I honestly was a bit dissapointed but even then the level of pizza was high. We went a group of six people of which was two small kids aged 7 and 9. We had a great assortment of starters and spicy meatballs for the kids but honestly smaller sizes of the assortment of appetizer and a matching price reduction would have been great as it would have left more stomach room for the pizza. We had Margharita and Marinara (why do anything else when they are so good) and though these servings was close to perfect they were a bit to the salty side. With a cover charge, and quite little alcoholic beverages the evening ended at JPY 25k for 4 adults and 2 kids… a bit to the higher side volume and beverage intake taken into consideration….
    this evening Tamaki-san was manning the oven himself and did a good job, we had a peak at some of the neighboring tables and the pizzas looks mouthwatering as always….
    Not sure i will be back unless we are a larger group craving for Pizza, for a smaller party I would rather go for the original Pizza Studio Tamaki, only a short taxi ride away…

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