All Detroit Pizza

Reflecting the city’s deep ties to the auto industry, Detroit-style pizza was originally baked in a square automotive parts pan in the 1940’s. Detroit pizza is first topped with pepperoni, followed by brick cheese which is spread to the very edges of the pan, yielding a caramelized cheese perimeter. Sauce is then spooned over the pizza, an order similar to Chicago-style pizza. This pizza features a thick, extra crispy crust that is tender and airy on the inside.

Detroit Pizza Traditional Toppings:

Detroit pizza traditionally features pepperoni, brick cheese (usually Wisconsin brick cheese), and tomato sauce. Other typical toppings include mushrooms and olives.

Detroit Pizza Baking Suggestions:

Use a specialized Detroit pan or a traditional jelly roll baking pan. Press the air out from the dough while pushing dough to the edges of the pan; stretch the dough up the sides about half of an inch. Make sure to spread the cheese generously across the dough and to the edges for a caramelized perimeter. Cook at the highest temperature setting (500 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10-15 minutes. Cut your slices in squares!