All California Pizza

California pizza, or gourmet pizza, is known for its unusual ingredients. This pizza got its start back in the late 1970’s when Chef Ed LaDou began experimenting with pizza recipes in the classic Italian restaurant, Prego. He created a pizza with mustard, ricotta, pate, and red pepper, and by chance, served it to Wolfgang Puck. Impressed with LaDou’s innovative pie, Puck invited him to be a head pizza chef at his restaurant. It was here that LaDou came up with over 250 unique pizza recipes that eventually formed the menu of the chain restaurant California Pizza Kitchen.

California Pizza Traditional Toppings:

When it comes to California pizza, there's no such thing as traditional toppings. This lack of specificity allows you to get inventive. You can include anything from chicken and artichokes to goat cheese and egg.

California Pizza Baking Suggestions:

Your choice to use either thin or thick crust will determine how you will bake your pizza.